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What We Can Do For You

Free Assessments

Bring your broken tech in and we will take a look at it for you free of charge! By assessing your electronics, we can determine the best course of actions for both you and your tech. This is not a repair; it is to assess viability of repair and to diagnose issues. Note that we may have to schedule you in for a repair to properly assess some issues.

Screen Protector Installations

If you have a habit of tripping over your own feet and launching your phone a couple yards; you'll know the value of having a screen protector. We not only provide the screen protectors, we install them too! (And if life has caught you off guard, we do screen repairs as well)


Custom Designing and Printing

Just a little to the left...and.....perfect! We can design and print custom images for individuals and businesses alike. So, if you need some simple invitations, business cards, door hangers, golf cards, or something only you can think of, we can help! Just know that we may or may not be able to do this depending on staff availability and the viability of the design request.

Phone and Computer Repair

Bring in your broken phone or computer in and after we assess the damage, we will get to work! We can do screen repair, antivirus software updates, data transfers, charging port cleaning, and MUCH more. 

Selective Home Calls

For those who have difficulties bringing their tech to us, we bring a select few services to you! Just know that we are an independent business; our ability to do these calls rely on staff availability and technician's discretion. We highly recommend trying to bring in your tech first to save you, and us, a lot of time.

Miscellaneous Repairs 

This is where we really shine! We have the ability to solder loose connections, fix audio equipment, repair malfunctioning printers, straighten out TV troubles, get your RC vehicles on the road again, and much more. If you are unsure that we will be able to repair the tech you've got; just give us a quick call to ask at  +1 (306)-662-2032.

If you have any questions regarding the availability and viability of our services, or want to book an appointment, give us a call!
+1 (306)-662-2032


Eldon Frame

"I had a delicate Model railroad item that needed repair. They did a awesome job. I would recommend them for any repairs etc. Thanks again!"

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