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Luxito Electronics and Office Supplies Story

At Luxito Electronics and Office Supplies, our goal is clear; to be the best Electronics Shop in Southwest Saskatchewan. To do this, we go out of our way to make sure we work for you.


We offer free in store tech assessments, flexible product stock at individual requests, design and print custom images for individuals and businesses, do selective home-calls, and we never ship any electronics away for fixing; it's all done right here. Not sure if we will work for you? Just give us a call at +1 306-662-2032!

Furthermore, we don't stop at home electronics; we will at the very least look at ANY electronics given to us. Whether it be the motherboard to a tractor, your malfunctioning electric bike, that flashlight that just doesn't shine as bright anymore, your favorite keyboard with one bad key, crunchy sounding audio equipment, a tiny remote control with sticky keys, a (digitally) bug infested phone, or a foggy camera; we've got you covered.


When we say we will look at anything, we mean anything.

And if we can't fix it, we will advise you on where to go next.

Proudly serving Maple Creek and the surrounding area as an independently owned business since 2009.

Open Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

We can be contacted at 306-662-2032 or

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